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Amazon Kindle 2 Review- An In Depth Amazon Kindle-2 Review

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016

Amazon kindle 2 has already grabbed the market. Thousands of people have used it by now and has given a good review. However most of them seemed to have a wrong idea about it. Some of the common mistakes that people have made in assessing the device is the price and all about the device. Here are few common aspects of the device discussed below. This will give you a better idea about the knowhow of the device.

Quick Review

  • Price:The first confusion that you need to remove from your mind regarding the Amazon kindle 2 is that it is not at all cheap. You should remember this that this device is highly priced and is not that affordable as you might think. Kindle 2 is a little high end and comes with added features. 
  • Looks: Now the question is how does the device look like? Well the main design objective of the device was to make the Amazon kindle 2 “disappear” while reading the good book by immersing into the world of the author. This device makes your reading experience great and outstanding. This is an amazing device. It makes your reading experience healthy and keeps your eyes stress free. 
  • Features: The Amazon kindle 2 comes with great features and facilities. The basic model comes with a touch screen display. Along with this it also comes with 1GHz processor and makes it 20%faster than the previous model. Another amazing feature of this device is that it comes with 4GB space and storage ability. It also comes with MP3 and text to speech features. 


  • Simplicity: One of the charming facets of Amazon kindle 2 is that it is very simple to use. It is completely wireless and requires n cable, no setup and no software to install. Moreover once you charge Amazon kindle 2 it will remain charged for a week. You will never find it hard to operate this device because it has very easy to use features. 
  • Not That Fragile: The old reviews may give you a notion that Amazon kindle 2 is quite flimsy ad does not last longer. Although this is a very touchy side to discuss but generally it will be best to say that Amazon kindle 2 is not that fragile. It is very easy to carry and lasts long. You do not have to worry about the durability of the device because it will not put a burden on your investment. 
  • It Can Read To You: Yes this is very true as Amazon kindle 2 comes with the features of reading out English books, newspapers, magazines and all kinds of readable, whether you are on train, bus or walking you can easily use kindle to read the articles aloud to you.

Make Life Easy

So these are the amazing features of the Amazon kindle 2 device. It is worth your money and will give you the best experiencing. You can surely invest your money on this device. Make your life easy with Amazon kindle 2.

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